City Lawyer cries to government, Uganda Law Society for deserting him

Bailed: Adam Makmot Kibwanga

After spending a combined eight days in Police and Luzira prison for authoring a letter to Police CID to investigate the cause of death of Akbar Adoko Nekyon, Uganda’s post Independence Broadcasting Minister, Adam Makmot Kibwanga has spoken, with grief.

In his statement, Adam Makmot Kibwanga of Makmot Kibwanga & Co. Advocates, a member of Uganda Law Society (ULS) bashes the Law body for being prejudiced and helpless when he was in problem.

He also went on to say Uganda government, too, abandoned him.

Below, we reproduce his words.

“I want to tell Uganda Law Society (ULS) that an attack on one of us is attack on all of us. I was attacked as an advocate executing instructions and ULS kept quiet. Next time is likely to be you because you condone this. My only crime was writing a letter on my headed paper seeking for enquiries on the death of the late Hon. Nekyon on behalf of clients I had met for the first time.  The ULS president and his entourage visited me and promised to issue a protest statement which I never saw. Anyhow, I hope the photos ULS team took with me at the Jinja Road Police Station after spending 5 days in illegal detention and in my unkempt state will remain a reminder that we should be our brother’s keepers. We should treat each of us equally irrespective of the firm’s name or the advocate’s origin because we all subscribe to the same body at the same rate. I am a dedicated and fully paid up member for the last 13 years – even when I was abroad I ensured I subscribed.”

“I was alarmed with ULS President’s statement that some advocates discouraged him from helping me. I think a leader should know when to take orders from others especially where all people are equal. It reminds me of that song, “where you gonna run when they come for you?”

“I was once also a utility man for the Government but see where I ended.”

“On a lighter note, thank you Advocate Eron Kiiza, Advocate Moses Okwalinga, Advocate Emmanuel Muwonge, Advocate Shamim Amolo, Advocate Innocent Okwonga, Advocate Fred Baka, Advocate Olok,  Advocate James Okello Atyang, Okwir Awich and all those who stood by me”.

Court bails him

A police charge sheet against Kibwanga and  others.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Yeteise Charles who’s the Buganda Road Court grade one magistrate released Adam Makmot Kibwanga on a cash bail of Shs1m.

Makmot and others (Kazungu James Aluko and Akullo Maria) are facing charges of forgery and issuing false information regarding the death of former Minister Akbar Nekyon

The city Lawyer and two others were charged with conspiracy to commit a felony, forgery, uttering false documents, giving false information, impersonation and electronic fraud.

They will re-appear before the same magistrate on 6 June, 2018.


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