Christians protest aborted church marriage

Some protesting Christians calling for breakaway from Agweng. Photo by Jaspher Ouni

Thousand of Christians attached to St. Mathias Church of Uganda, Lango diocese have castigated what they describe as satanic act and brutality in the church following cancellation of a holy marriage.

The protest that has taken nearly two weeks stemmed from a cancellation of a holy matrimony between Jimmy Awany and his wife Stella Awany that was scheduled for 13th, last month.

Christians have since accused their parish priests Rev. Deacons Denis Obonyo, the priest of Agweng parish and his counterpart Rev. Van. George Ario, the archdeacon of Ogur Archdeaconry for peddling ungodly acts among believers.

According to the letter dated April 3, 2018, authored by Rev. Ario, the marriage was cancelled on grounds that the followers from the church had defied a mandatory contribution of Shs.330, 000 meant to fund January convention held at Boroboro Cathedral, the diocesan headquarters.

However, following the unfolding events, the Christians in retaliation have vowed to cut off any monetary submission to their parish until their grievances are addressed.

They have currently withheld the tithe, contribution towards one tenth and any other contribution to the diocese.

Alfred Ogwal Ogwal, one of the church elders says the behaviors of their spiritual leaders are questionable.

“How can you terminate a marriage for a mere monetary gain? Secondly, this Shs.300,000 they are talking about, we finished contributing long ago except we have learnt that our parish priest(Obonyo) has misappropriated it,” Ogwal said adding, they currently owe the diocese nothing in monetary terms.

Mrs. Jacinta Opio, 49 observed the need to secede from Agweng parish unless the diocese transfers the current parish priest, Rev. Obonyo.

Meanwhile, Collins Okot blamed their priest (Mr. Obonyo) prompting intrigue in the church by trading false allegations against the archdeaconry and the diocese that resulted into the cancellation of holy matrimony they had organized.

“I think Mr. Obonyo has some ill motives against us. I still recall in January this year, he came here and hurled a lot including threatening to cancel baptism and presiding over any requiem service, something I feel is unacceptable in the church,” Okot said.

When contacted for comments, Rev. Deacons Denis Obonyo could not accept or defend the allegations.

“I think it is better for us to meet and discuss the matter,” Rev. Obonyo said. However, Rev. Vicar George Ario told our reporter that he would comment later.

Dr. Alfred Olwa interview in an interview with TDN News said the Bishop of Lango diocese was still unaware of the protest but promised to share.

Diocese of Lango Bishop, Dr. Alfred Olwa

 “In relation to that, I have not yet received any clue but we have a procedure. We always receive reports monthly but for this case, never,” Dr. Olwa said adding: “The channel is from the catechist to the parish priest, the archdeacon and lastly the report reaches the diocese.”

Through the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity, the Office of the President, has embarked on the development of a national policy on religious and faith-based organizations to foster a more healthy relationship with government and rid over exploitation by some faith based organizations.





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