Water crisis hits Oyam oldest school

Arek Primary school in oyam district. Photo by Denis Otii


OYAM-Lack of safe drinking water has hit Arek Primary School in Oyam district besides assurances from leaders the crisis will be sorted soon.

Walter Atoo who is the LCV area councilor for Ngai Sub County in Oyam district local government made the assurance.

Arek primary school is one of the oldest primary schools in Ngai Sub County with no borehole for years.

He said, for many years the school has been facing so many challenges of water where pupils move far from school searching for clean water.

“Arek primary school will soon get a new borehole,” Walter Atoo said, adding that the crisis has affected pupil’s learning during class hours.

Atoo said that Oyam district local government together with their partner (he did not disclose) have agreed to drill new boreholes this year so that the problem of water is solved.

The Head Teacher of the school, Moses Obua says they have faced difficult time to have clean safe water for use at school because the available borehole that was drilled by NGOs during LRA war in northern Uganda near their school got broken.

Obua said they had been utilizing it together with the local community around.

The LC 3 chairperson for Ngai sub county Kenneth Anyima also said that as a sub county, they are looking forward to repair all the boreholes which are not functioning in all schools in Ngai Sub County to ensure that every school have clean safe water.

Arek Primary School in Oyam district has the total number of over 700 pupils. It’s bordered by Oyam and Omoro districts.


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