How whistleblowers exposed recruitment scandals in Apac

The role of whistleblowers in the country is rescuing many people who have missed various opportunities due to irregularities by some office bearers.

In Apac, District Service Commission (DSC) members have been faulted for undertaking numerous illegal dealings.

Later, whistleblowers petitioned Public Service Commission (PSC) with letters calling for their intervention.

In a letter dated 18 May 2018 addressed to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Apac and titled: VISIT TO APAC DISTRICT BY A TEAM CONSITUTED BY PUBLIC SERVICE COMMSIION ON FACT FINDING EXERCISE ABOUT FUNCTIONING OF APAC DISTRICT SERVICE COMMISSION”, the PSC correspondence reveals.

“The Public Service Commission has received a number of complaints regarding recruitment irregularities by Apac District Service Commission. The Resident District Commissioner Apac Beatrice Akori Akello complained about favoritism, nepotism and corruption in the recruitment process of the district,” the letter read.

It went on, “On 24th May 2017, the Commission received another  complaint from one Tonny Olwo complaining about nepotism, conflict of interest in the recruitment process and unprofessional conduct of  Apac District Service Commission, among other concerns,”

PSC letter to CAO Apac district.

“The Public Service Commission also received another letter dated 19th January, 2018 in which it alleged that the District Inspector of Schools was involved in a murder case and was interdicted. However before Court could clear her she was reinstated,” The letter further read.

As if that was not enough, the Commission received another letter from the whistleblower dated 19th February, 2018. In that letter, the concerned citizen complained to the Commission about corrupt officials and influence peddling in DSC activities by politicians.

In intervening over the matter, the PSC will on Thursday meet with district leadership and members of the DSC to enable the constituted team from the Commission obtain the truth.

Beatrice Akori Akello, the Resident District Commission of Apac district confirmed receiving a letter from the Commission for Thursday’s fact-finding visit.

“I got the letter and I will attend the meeting,” the RDC said in an interview on Wednesday.



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