Lango community in Acholi to use ‘Tz style to fight Lango Chief Defiance’

Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii 2nd from right at a recent function.

OMORO– Leaders of Lango tribe living in Acholi land are in the process of coming up with new strategies from Tanzania to zero down the ongoing controversy under Lango cultural Institution.

The angry Lango leaders made the statement on Saturday during the installation of the new leadership of Arakober Anne clan, a colorful ceremony held at Palwo parish, Bobi Sub County, Tochi County in Omoro district on Saturday. Over 400 people attended it.

Alobo Martin Ongom, the vice chairperson Atekadyang Okwerokic clan staying in Acholi also Omoro district councilor representing Bobi Sub County said prolonged controversy at the institutions has brought in divisionism within clans in Lango resulting into poverty.

“I went to Tanzania at the age of 17 and have seen how Tanzanians solve such cultural conflicts. I will use that style to clear off defiance over the leadership of his Highness the Paramount Chief of Lango Yosam Odur Ebii,” Ongom said.

Although Ongom declined to tell some of those ‘Tanzanian’ new strategies of solving conflicts, he warned against defiance of Paramount Chief Odur.

“Respect the cultural institutions and stop fighting. We need to go with what Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development has directed even in the national Gazette,” Ongom said.

He applauded Lango community in Omoro for the peaceful sign ‘they are showing’ to the people of Acholi.

Ongom was invited by Arakober Anne clan as witness to glorify their cultural ceremony to enthrone Eng. Obong Cypriano as new clan leader.

Paramount Chief of Lango cultural institution, Odur Ebii urged the masses to respect cultural institutions if they are to progress anywhere they are carrying on their businesses.

Eng. Odongo Okune after enthronement last month.

Douglas Peter Okao, the Omoro District Chairperson in his message passed on by Alobo Martin Ongom advised Lango leaders to do away with conflicts.

He appealed to those who are fueling the fight to come down and get the best way of installing a new chief in case they are tired with the current leadership.

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