Indian investors smear red pepper on employee’s anus

The victim Ogwang David (R) with Railway Division LC3 Chairperson Marvin Kawere.

LIRA- There is anxiety in Lango Sub-region after Indian investors smeared the anus of an employee with red pepper powder.

The investors, who hold top positions at Tip Top Bakery situated at Railway division in Lira Municipality, poured the red itchy powdery substance on Ogwang David whom they accused of stealing 1kg bread.

Ogwang has been working as company electrician.

On the 5 May 2018, the Indians only identified as Subhasa and Gulusing beat him up for not telling the truth.

Reports further indicate that Ogal Keith, one of the victim’s former workmate helped his bosses to batter Ogwang before forcing the powdery substance inside him from ‘down there.’

According to sources, after the incident, he was expelled from work and told never to go back or else he would be killed.

Sources who preferred to remain anonymous said Ogwang reported the incident to Railway Police Outpost from where he recorded a statement.

In hope of silencing the issue not to reach public attention, Subhasa asked for mediation talks in which they promised to compensate the victim.

They offered to pay Uganda Shs. 2m, an offer the victim in presence of some police officers at the outpost agreed.

“Compensation money was reportedly paid to unknown Police officer who was to hand it over to the victim,” our sources at Tip Top Bakery said.

In an agreement letter dated 15 May 2018, out of agreed Shs. 2m, Ogwang was given only Shs.1.5m from Railway Police Outpost and told to wait for the balance after one month.

Agreement letter Ogwang signed at Police Outpost.

“When I was told to go and pick the money, I was only given Shs. 1.5m and told to wait until 15 June 2018 for the balance,” Ogwang told TND News at the weekend.

He however said that his cruel former bosses connived with Police to give him less money, adding that later he was told never to go back claiming for his balance.

Paddy Kawinya Alwala, former youth leader at Lango Cultural Foundation who talked to the victim castigated the act, calling for stern punishment to Tip Top bosses.

Alwala said Ogwang who had gone into hiding for days, fearing for his life after threats by some Police officers, was rescued by Railway division LC III chairperson Marvin Kawere.

“Even the agreement Ogwang was forced to sign, he was told that it was compensation for beating him,” Alwala said.

Kawere called on top Police hierarchy to take up the investigations on grounds that there is foul play.

David Ongom Mudong, the North Kyoga Regional Police spokesperson when contacted on whether the alleged Indian investors had been arrested asked for some time.

“Give me some time. I’m heading to CPS right now,” he said on Tuesday afternoon in an interview.

Meanwhile, an assault case was registered at Railway Police Outpost as vide SD REF: 04/14/05/2018




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