Lango Paramount Chief Odur calls for unison among natives

Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii 2nd from right on Saturday.

OMORO – The Paramount Chief of Lango Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii has called for harmony, respect for cultural institution and its leaders.

His Highness made the statement on Saturday afternoon at Awimon ‘A’ village, Palwo parish, Bobi Sub-county in Omoro district.

Alongside his devoted clan chiefs including his number two, Dr. Richard Nam the Prime Minister of Lango Cultural Institution now known as Ker Tekwaro Lango (KTL), Odur called on Lango natives living in Acholi land to remain loyal to their clan chief and KTL administration.

Odur was invited by Okarowok Ober Anee clan to officiate in a cultural ceremony to enthrone Eng. Obong Cyrpriano as their new clan leader.

“I’m telling you all to respect our cultural institution. Stay away from confused people and do not join them,” hard speaking Odur said.

Dr. Richard Nam (L) in Omoro district on Saturday.

He further said it would be hard for him to help natives living in Acholi if by mistakes they get lured and join camp aggressive on his leadership.

Amidst pressure on him to step down by faction headed by Dr. Eng. Michael Odongo Okune, the leader of Tekwaro Lango (TL), Odur Ebii received overwhelming reception on Saturday.

After his enthronement, Eng. Obong Cypriano promised to work consistently with KTL leadership, further promising an end to current cultural confrontation.

“Today, I pledge my total allegiance and time to work together with His Highness Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii and for Okarowok Ober Anee clan,” Eng. Obong said shortly after receiving instruments of power from His Highness Odur.

He added: “My people do not attend to hullabaloo in the media that Won Nyaci Odur is not legitimate. Like me, stay focused and loyal to him.”

His predecessor, Eng. George Stephen Obong wants his successor to fight poverty, illiteracy and promote human production among his clan members and restores peace in entire Lango.

Eng. Obong Cypriano, 60 year old has three married wives with thirteen children all of whom are alive.

Atoo Esther, Acan Rose, Akello Teddy who are first, second and third wives accorded their husband a decent enthronement on Saturday.

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Talking to TND News shortly after handing office to Eng. Obong Cypriano, KTL Prime Minister said the Constitution they are using currently is authentic and legal.

Dr. Nam added that faction headed by Dr. Eng. Michael Odongo Okune is masquerading since their pleas and numerous letters to Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development (MGLSD) to have Mzee Odur out of office was not attended to.

“Ker Tekwaro Lango headed by His Highness Won Deo Yosam Odur Ebii and many clan chiefs respected the Karuma Peace Agreement (KPA) of 2015. We went on wrote and promulgated a workable Constitution. Other Constitution in use apart from that is illegal,” Dr. Nam told us in an exclusive interview, Saturday evening.

According to Nam, MGLSD will always advertise any vacant post in cultural institution in Uganda if it exists, adding that the Ministry (government) first gazette it.

“Gender Ministry who supervises Cultural institutions in the country rejected their demands. They were told that no vacancy exist in Lango Cultural Institution (Ker Tekwaro Lango),” Nam added.

We could not verify with line Ministry by press time.

 Tekwaro Lango reacts

Responding to statement raised by Dr. Richard Nam and Saturday’s enthronement of Eng. Obong Cypriano as clan chief of Okarowok Ober Anee, Jakayo Ogile, the Tekwaro Lango Press secretary said Dr. Nam and his group are illegal.

“Government of Dr. Eng. Micheal Odongo Okune is legitimately known. From Lango Conference of 2012, all spoke for change of Paramount Chief and writing of new Constitution,” Ogile said.

“Also, the Karuma Peace Agreement of 2015 resolved that Won Nyaci Yosam Odur Ebii be given only two years to finish his work,” he added.

Okarowok Ober Anee women welcoming Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii on Saturday. All photos by Jaspher Ouni.

Mr. Ogile said after the Karuma Peace Agreement, a new Constitution was written and submitted to office of the Solicitor General (SG), line ministry and other government officials who unanimously endorsed it.

He went on to add that: “Yosam and his group went to Court saying Eng. Micheal Odongo was not legitimately elected. The Court (Lira High Court) ruled that their allegations were baseless. We went on and enthroned Eng. Odongo as our paramount Chief.”

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