NRM district boss warns candidates against petitions

Wolukawu Martin, one of the NRM candidates for primary election. Photo by JUDITH AMUSUGUT

National Resistance Movement (NRM) chairperson for Naminsindwa district in Eastern Uganda Charles Nasimolo has warned party Mayoral aspirants of Magale town council against petitions.

He said the candidates should accept the outcome of the poll result as the party won’t entertain any petitions.

Nasimolo said many times those defeated in NRM party elections contest as independent candidates but warned against such decisions, arguing that the behavior has led to numerous election petitions and divisions among politicians.

“We will not accept petitions from any member after elections,” Nasimolo said as he addressed the candidates at Kuuto ward in Magale town council on Monday.

“We are not ready to hear any petition(s) from any candidate who will lose after the election. Most politicians after failing tend to disturb so as to distract the winner from performing his mandate,” he added.

Nasimolo also cautioned candidates against greed as he launched the campaign for the three NRM mayoral aspirants ahead of party primary elections this month.

Among the candidates in the race for the party flag are; Wolukawu Martin, Watenyile Martin and Watenyeli Emmanuel.

According to NRM party Electoral Commission road map, electing party flag bearers is set for 21 May 2018.

Wolukawu, one of the contestants said he would accept the poll outcome in any form.

“I will accept the outcome of the election. I’m also ready to serve the people because I believe in unity and working together as NRM party members,” Wolukawu said.

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