750 Lira pilgrims start walk to Namugongo

Some of Pilgrims at Ordination grounds on Thursday. Photo by Immaculate Amony.

A total of 750 foot pilgrims of Lira Diocese have set off their journey to Namugongo ahead of the Martyrs day June 3.

For the first time, Lira diocese has hit record 750-foot pilgrims that registered for the walk of faith.

Early this week, the foot pilgrims from different parishes gathered at the ordination grounds singing hymns of praise and glory to God and carrying their luggage set for the journey.

Addressing the pilgrims, Acut Francis the traffic officer in charge of the pilgrims asked the pilgrims to walk as a team and remain united as they trek to Namugongo.

“As you start your journey, cast all your burdens and problems unto the Lord and constantly pray for his guidance throughout the entire journey,” Acut said.

The pilgrims spent their night at St Kizito hostels as they prepared for the retreat the following Wednesday.

Even disability could not stop Paul Opio Anono a resident of Amolatar district from footing. He shared his reason for the faithful walk to Namugongo.

“I am walking to Namugongo to thank him [God] for the good things he did for me last year. I walked to pray for my son who had been jobless for many years and God through the martyrs’ intercession answered my prayer. Am happy that my son is now working abroad in a country called Jordan and even my wife used to be sickly but is now fine, so I want to thank God personally for all that,” Opio said.

80-year-old woman from Lira Cathedral parish who identified to us herself as Margaret said is walking to respect the martyrs since she cannot be one.

“Since 1989, I have been walking to Namugongo to worship and show respect to the Uganda Martyrs because I was born late when they had already died otherwise I would have been among them had I been born early,” Margaret said.

Margaret added: “I am also walking to imitate how the Israelites walked from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land. In the world where we stay, we are in slavery so I am also walking to the Promised Land. I will do this until God takes away strength from my knees.”

The pilgrims departed early today (Thursday) for the Uganda Martyrs Day Celebrations at Namugongo shrine.

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