Hundreds survive drowning in Lake Victoria

Hundreds of people narrowly survived death on Tuesday when the boats they were sailing in were hit by water waves near Kasenyi Landing site- Entebbe.

According to an eyewitness, the waves started hitting the shores before the boat full of people docked at the shores while another was caught up in the deep waters.

“We watched in horror as the waves cut them off, not to the shores but towards the deep waters. It was a moment of indecision and argument as to what to do next,” a witness recounted.

According to witnesses, as the onlookers thought of what to do to save lives, the idea of marine police was out of question.

“I suggested marine police but people laughed it off. They said it’s a unit without a big boat, not even a small one and that if they had, it wouldn’t be fueled,” a witness added.

Witnesses said no sooner had had any solution been realized than the boat which had children, women and men together with their merchandise broke into two pieces.

“Bags of silver fish and other properties sank down the lake Victoria. However lives and a few properties were saved using a boat with two engines offered by a businessman,” another witness said.

A victim of the accident said that getting to the shores ‘was like a rebirth’ while another thanked God for saving them from Lake Victoria waters.

Many survivors and fishermen at the landing site however queried the continued existence of Marine police that cannot offer rescue services during emergencies.

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