Lira police impounds 52 motorcycles

Some of the motorcycles recovered.

At least 52 motorcycles are currently undergoing screening at Lira Central Police Station following an operation intended to reduce on the number of road accidents among other things.

According to the North Kyoga Police Spokes Person David Ongom Mudong, the operation followed a number of road accidents involving boda- boda riders within the district.

The operation, which started as early today, saw traffic police in uniforms chasing after the boda- boda cyclists and the unlucky defaulters have been arrested.

Ongom Mudong, the operation is normal. “This is a normal police operation provided within traffic regulations and we therefore urge the public to positively embrace it as we collectively fight to reduce road accidents,” Mudong said.

“The impounded motorcycles are being parked at Lira CPS as receipts are issued where necessary especially after screening, original log books, and 3rd party insurance. Riding permits are required before the release of any motorcycle,” he added.

This operation is meant to among other things eliminate and reduce on motorcycles without 3rd party motor insurance, eliminating motorcycles with forged number plates and registration books, and eliminating riding without riding gears like helmets.

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