Report: Arua district tops month of April in criminal ranking


SP Angucia, the West Nile Regional Police mouthpiece.


Arua district has registered the highest number of criminal cases in West Nile region for the month of April.

According to the regional criminal cases reported in April, Arua district registered at total of 427 cases, followed by Zombo with 177 cases, Nebbi with 114 cases registered.

Koboko district registered 111 cases, Pakwach had 96 cases and the least criminal cases were registered in Maracha district with 86 cases.

According to the regional police report, the region registered the highest criminal cases in theft with 287 cases reported; general crimes cases including malicious damage, criminal trespass registered 256 cases.

Police registered 140 cases of assault. Police reports further indicate that 58 houses were broken into and 57 sex related offenses registered.

Other crimes reported were; 22 death, 83 economic crimes, 42 child related crime cases, 37 robbery cases, 23 special law cases, 3 narcotic law cases and 1 political and media case reported.

West Nile police spokesperson, SP Josephine Angucia says there is a decline in criminal cases reported compared to 1023 cases registered in March 2018.

She however, declined to pin Police in the region, especially Arua district of not doing enough to avert such increasing crime cases.

SP Angucia said: “Since the beginning of the month of May, we have embarked on community policing in all the parishes compared to the previous time where they would organize and stop at Sub-county level. This is aimed to let the locals know the law and how to reduce on the crime level further.”

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