Did relatives kill Akbar Nekyon?

Gone leaving family in tension, Akbar Adoko Nekyon. Courtesy Photo.

The death of Akbar Adoko Nekyon, the first post independence Minister has turned theatrical after allegations that some of his close people could have killed him.

Dramatic as it has turned, an element of pointing fingers at one another with those in agreement that he died a natural death and others believe he was killed.

In querying how he died, some clan officials of Oyima clan have disassociated themselves with anger after a law firm wrote to top police Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Directorate (CIID), demanding for investigations into their leader Adoko Nekyon’s death.

According to a press release dated 11 May 2018, Nekyon’s brother, Engena Maitum on behalf of the family members made four key points, denying giving authority to Adam Makmot Kibwanga and Co. Advocates to represent them.

On 8 May 2018, Makmot Kibwanga & Company Advocates wrote to the Director CIID reporting a potential homicide in the late Adoko Nekyon death.

“The Late Nekyon died under mysterious circumstances from a hotel room in Sheraton Hotel, Kampala and was falsely stated that he died from Nsambya Hospital. At the time of his death he was guarded at all times by at least two police officers and that one officer called Ogweng Jimmy is reportedly under arrest and detained in a secret place,” the letter to CIID read.

“Our clients are suspecting close family members, some of them prominent politicians, who had financial and property issues with the late Nekyon and who have since his death been persistently trying to get access to his house. Since the death of Hon. Nekyon, his family members who lived with him including a little boy of 10 years have been harassed, trailed and threatened,” the letter further read.

However, like Engena, Mike Ogwang Veve, the caretaker of Oyima clan on Saturday came out publicly and denied clan leadership mandating the law firm to question the cause of death.

Ogwang, also Lira Municipality Mayor said there was no cause for alarm in late Nekyon’s family as claimed by the Law firm in their letter to Police.

Ogwang Veve while at Voice of Lango FM, one of the local Radio stations in Lira town on Saturday said that on Sunday, days after Nekyon was laid to rest they sat in a meeting with deceased’s children and nothing like a complaint came up.

The politician also said he had visited the Late from his home in Apac, Kampala and hospital and they spoke on diverse topics, denying that police officers guarded late Nekyon, one of whom, according to Law firm was arrested.

Makmot Kibwanga, a senior Lawyer at Makmot Kibwanga & Company Advocates said he got instructions from deceased children.

Kibwanga contends that he was helping the person in Nekyon and his children to get justice and for the truth to come out.

Caretaker clan chief, Veve said Nekyon died from his home in Nsambya, Makindye division in Kampala.

Jimmy Micheal Akena Obote, a close family relative to the deceased too, denied hearing any approach for help by the legal firm.

Asked in whose instructions the law firm took instructions from, Jimmy Akena, the Lira Municipality MP also doubling as UPC party President denied any idea on the instructions.

However, former Oyam South MP Isha Otto Amiza said it was important to know the truth and discover what killed ‘gone elder’.

Otto added that the person in Nekyon wasn’t an ordinary person that a serious case emerging after his death had to be kept silent.

“Let the law take its cause. There is no way this thing can be stopped. Government is interested, me personally I’m interested and Lango sub-region and her natives are interested too,” Otto told TND News Desk on Saturday.

Family reacts

The press release signed by Engena Maitum for and on behalf of the late Hajji Akbar Adoko Nekyon family reads, verbatim:

1. The Family of the late Hajji Akbar Adoko Nekyon has been distressed by a letter on social media dated 8th May 2018, authored by Makmot, Kibwanga and Company Advocates on the alleged complaint to Criminal Investigation Department of the Uganda Police to investigate the suspected homicide in the death of the said Hajji Nekyon.

2. The family disassociated itself from the letter and its contents and wishes to inform the General Public that none of the family members instructed Makmot, Kibwanga and Company Advocates to file a complaint to Uganda Police to investigate any possible homicide in the death of Hajji Nekyon.

3. The late Hajji Akbar Nekyon has been indisposed for some time. He suffered stroke on the 18th March 2018 and was admitted at Florence Nightingle, Apac district from where he was relocated and admitted at Nsambya Hospital Kampala on the 19th March 2018. Hajji Akbar Nekyon was discharged on the 18th April 2018 and died on 4th May 2018 at his home in Nsambya.

4. The family is not involved in any squabbles for the property of Hajji Akbar Nekyon and the contents of the letter attributed to the family, to say the least, smacks of malice, ill will and derision. It is regrettable and extremely unfortunate.

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