Lango Paramount Chief: I want a competent successor

Spoke on leaving office: His Highness Odur Ebii.

LANGO SUB-REGION-Lango Paramount Chief Won Nyaci Yosam Odur Ebii has said Lango needs a competent person to replace him.

Won Nyaci Yosam Odur Ebii’s hard-hitting statement comes at a time Lango cultural institution is engulfed in power wrangles.

Speaking last Saturday at the burial of Akbar Adoko Nekyon, the first post independence Minister who was laid to rest in Apoki village, Chegere Sub-county in Apac district, Odur spoke about leaving cultural leadership.

Tough speaking Lango Chief said he would love to leave power ‘tomorrow’ to a legitimately elected clan Chief in a free and fair election.

Mzee Odur said: “In that election, there must be two or three contenders.”

“I also want to leave in peace- not in the manner where you buy few clan chiefs to vote for you. I want to tell him [Dr. Eng. Michael Odongo Okune ] to wait until my time comes to an end,” Odur added.

The under pressure Lango chief bashed the election of his rival Paramount chief, Eng. Michael Odongo Okune, saying it was done at night.

Eng. Odongo Okune who recently appointed his ministers and advisors has often been quoted to have said, ‘we will never turn back.’

Odongo, the parallel Paramount Chief of Lango was enthroned in April after Lira High Court dismissed cases against him and his group.

The Tekwaro Lango leader said they have lost finances, dear ones through pressure levied on them.

This he said took place at a time they were working to take on cultural business.

But Odongo maintained that nothing will cause their return to the aging rival Yosam Odur Ebii’s camp.

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