Substandard: Over 10 private schools to remain closed in second term

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NWOYA DISTRICT- At least 10 private schools in the Northern Uganda district of Nwoya will remain closed in second term.

The affected schools were closed ‘indefinitely’ last week by Omut John Robert, the Nwoya Resident District Commissioner (RDC) alongside Ayiba George Butele, the District Education Officer (DEO).

Schools closed are in the Sub-counties and Town Councils of Alero, Koch Goma, Lii, Anaka Town Council, Purongo and Got Apwoyo.

Authorities say they were operating illegally without operational licenses, poor toilet facilities and unqualified teachers, among others.

Omut further said the closed schools had not been recommended for operation by both Sub-county and district authorities, posing high security threats.

“These schools have too, recruited unqualified teachers, have no approved building plan and have no single circulars from the Ministry of Education and Sports.

He also added that the operation while continue next term in order to improve on the quality of education performances in the entire district.

Ayiba George Butele, the DEO blamed parents for failing to monitor such schools.

According to Butele, such schools put the life of children at risk of being abused in all ways.

“These schools have silenced some of the best government schools we have,” Butele revealed.

Koch Lii Central Nursery and Primary school is one of the many schools closed last week.

The above school was faulted for operating a primary boarding section in grass thatched house with only 17 pupils.

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