DP Mao implores lifeless icon, wants him to remind God to salvage Uganda

Asked to remind God about Uganda's problems: Nekyon (R-RIP). Courtesy Photo.

The Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao caused excitement on Saturday afternoon, shifting the mourner’s mood at the final sendoff of Uganda’s icon, Akbar Adoko Nekyon.

Mao who arrived when most of the speakers had eulogized the first post independence Information, Broadcasting and Tourism Minister, Akbar, asked the deceased to remind God of the many challenges Uganda is experiencing.

Speaking in Acholi dialect, the Democratic Party bigwig told mourners he was not in Apac to mourn the demise of his mentor but to thank God for a life well lived and for his contributions to Uganda.

“Today is to give thank to God for giving Lango Nekyon and for Lango giving him to Uganda,” Mao said of the departed 87 year old icon.

He said the deceased was courageous, strong hearted, spoke his mind without apprehension.

Mao said when he decided to join politics, he visited Nekyon who was living in Naguru, a Kampala suburb and the deceased gave him political blessings.

For that, Mao said he was in Apac to give him honor as Norbert Mao and as Democratic Party President, a party Mao said Akbar worked for.

”Akbar Nekyon, we pray for you, we beg you. When you reach to God, share with him our cries (many challenges) and ask him (God) to save Uganda from corruption, nepotism, clinging onto power by some people, massive murders, among others. Go in peace,” Mao’s eulogy cum message to God through dead Nekyon caused excitements.

The deceased was President Dr. Apollo Milton Obote’s (RIP) cousin who took prime positions in both Democratic Party (DP) and UPC party.

He died at 87 on Friday afternoon from St. Francis Hospital, Nsambya in Kampala.

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