Former Arsenal star slams Ozil, Arsenal after Europa exit

Arsenal's Mesut Ozil

Adapted from Metro UK

Martin Keown has slammed Mesut Ozil after Arsenal’s defeat to Atletico Madrid in the Europa League and believes the midfielder will not play again this season after having an ’emotional breakdown’.

Diego Costa’s first-half strike secured a 1-0 win for Diego Simeone’s side, which will now play Marseille in the final on May 16.
The result means Arsene Wenger will end his 22-year reign at Arsenal without a trophy, and Keown has hit out at Ozil for letting the club down.

In a lengthy rant after Arsenal’s defeat, the former Gunners defender says Ozil ‘is not fit to wear the shirt’ and believes the midfielders’ sad reaction to the defeat was faked.

‘Show some drive, show some energy. He’s on the edge of it. It’s almost like he’s got his hands in the air and saying: ‘these players aren’t as good as me,’ Keown told BT Sport.

‘And it’s almost like somebody needed to grab him a long time ago and give him a shake and say ‘we’re trying to get the ball to you, we are working for you but you’re not working for us’.

‘I bet he doesn’t play again this season. He’ll have some emotional breakdown and won’t be able to play at the weekend.’

‘I don’t know how many illnesses he’s had this season. The fella is not kidding me. That is not a proper performance. He’s not giving everything and there’s much more under the bonnet. Somebody else will find it.

‘Whether the new manager coming can find it I don’t know.

‘It’s a big problem for the new manager because Wenger’s invested an awful lot of money in this player and I’m not seeing a performance to go with it.

‘He wasn’t fit to wear the shirt tonight.

‘And I’ve seen a lot this season and it needs to be said because he needs to be dug out because we expect more from him. He’s a World Cup winner.

‘These are crocodile tears that I’m seeing from the player. He’s not conning me.

‘Listen, I’ve had my say on it and I feel he’s not giving enough for Arsenal Football Club.

‘And maybe Arsene Wenger should come out and say a little bit more about some of these players that should have performed for him and he’s one that hasn’t.’

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