Letter to President Museveni: Unite Uganda, there are voices for change

President Museveni at a function in Lira town last year. File photo.
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THERE are voices for change….President Museveni can do it! Mr. President! Uganda is at bloodshed tipping point! Save us; give Uganda a chance! – Former RDC Mwaka Lutukumoi 

Author – Mwaka Lutukumoi

In recent weeks, there have been requests from Ugandans and international community to the Ugandan Head of State, calling on him to step down, 32 years since he took power.

These requests were in terms of opinions, demonstrations by section of Ugandans and international community. Even some of his aides, incumbent and those out of office are urging Mr Museveni to surprise Ugandans by announcing he’s ready to quit.

One of his trusted aides, former RDC/D-RDC Lira before he was transferred to Kitgum district, asked his former boss, President Museveni to unite Ugandans and allow them have another leader.

Mwaka Emmanuel Lutukumoi, in his Monday opinion, writes:    

Dear Gen. Y.K.M and UPDF,

The story of Uganda is riddled by tragedy and bloodshed!

The signs are worrying and like Bernard Shaw in his book; The Devil’s Disciple wrote: “It’s only at the hour of trial that a man finds his true professions!”

It’s after the 32 years in power from a rag tag National Resistance Army (NRA) rebels to Professional Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF); that the world will judge you harshly whether you are a personal army; patriotic, pan African, liberators or people’s villain with you Commander in Chief!

Development has been arrested; greed, corruption and impunity have occupied the space for development! We would not be struggling economically.

In the 1960s, the level of development in Singapore and South Korea and Uganda were synonymous.

But our miracles eluded us. We were not prepared to receive luck! Luck; and even tomorrow comes to those who prepare for it today.

The Asians, saw the ‘Asian Tiger’, the Kenyans woke up from slumber nightmare to re-align their politics and economy.

Unlike Uganda, Kenya’s GDP is surpassing 80 $bn with Uganda at distant 25$bn.

They devalued their political economy and gave power back to the people, from the nasty Arab-Moi time.

The current  BIG 4 development agenda of ; Manufacturing to improve employment; Food security to have healthy citizens and value addition; establishing over 500.000 new affordable houses for Kenya; affordable healthcare among others targeting Kenya’s vision 30 will no doubt make Ugandans inferior in 10 years and damage the integration.

From 1962 to date, State’s making in Uganda has been the art of war and bloodshed.

The 1966 Buganda death,/ crisis;  the 1980-1986 Luwero massacre that led to NRN/M success; the extinction from LRA war in Northern Uganda that saw  hundred of thousand perish; 30.000 children made sex slaves; over 1.8 million in Acholi alone lived in camps where they were maimed, massacred, abducted under the watch of NRA/ UPDF troupes.

When the NRA took power, they called it liberation. In Liberation, there is the liberated, the liberator and the tormentor who was liberated against.

Now the North and East became those that liberation was done against and remained polarized; a reason you here sentiments of “Nile Republic!” They feel excluded.

Let the President swallow the proverbial humble pie and humble self.

He has become too powerful than himself! Uganda needs the 1986 Museveni who was a Pan Africanist and patriot.

I smell a rat; Uganda is at tipping point; they now believe in a revolution because they feel we have a fiend in their President.

A worse security with police cells becoming official safe houses and torture chambers. .

In Northern Uganda the blood still lingers in our noses! Who killed us?

But again, if you want a better Uganda; then a unity government can heal a polarized country.

UPDF/Police/SPC and President; Uganda is ours and never do what you want not done to you to others! Stop brutality with impunity.

In Uganda, sadly after the Presidency; the spiral is, his sins are followed by revenge on their tribes! Safe Uganda President Museveni; be humane.

People around you, your tribe and Party member are worried, but they only fear you. Please become loved again.

Mr. President; you diagnosed African problems; leaders staying for long in power thus forgetting there virtues and values!

Finally; Martin Luther king told the black race and even whites who were lovers of peace and humanity!

“Unless we unite together as brothers, we will die together as fools!

Author – Mwaka Lutukumoi, Ugandan Scholar

Now 40 years old; was a kid of 8 years when NRM took power!

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